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News Items and articles from sites in the JAM Network, such as Joomlareporter and ToralkoDocs

Hands-on Website Support By Experts

You have read the articles and seen the Youtube videos, but you still can’t solve the problem. You are looking to upgrade your website to the latest version, but you don’t know how to start. Maybe you are looking for help with a migration. From now on, you […]

Testing The Video Feature

Hey readers, I know I just(*) said that I’m not going to make any big plans for Joomla & More, but here we are again. After a blog upgrade, it’s now possible to upload videos to this blog directly. No uploads to  accounts I won’t maintain! No need […]

A New Joomla & More Year

Some people follow the Gregorian calender. Others swear by starting a new year somewhere in February (Hello, China!). Joomla & More likes to start a new year when a new billing cycle starts. And we just renewed our domain name, so here we are. In other years, this […]

Comments on old(er) posts now closed.

When I open my mailbox, and see that someone commented on one of the articles on this blog, I’m always honored that someone took the time to comment. Lately, however, my inbox is stuffed by spammers who are trying very hard to promote the latest unbelievable deals on […]