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Hands-on Website Support By Experts

You have read the articles and seen the Youtube videos, but you still can’t solve the problem. You are looking to upgrade your website to the latest version, but you don’t know how to start. Maybe you are looking for help with a migration.

From now on, you don’t have to look much further

Support by (Joomla) Experts

We’re offering hands-on support with your existing website or new project. Our experts will give you advice or do the hard work for you, for a reasonable price.

We don’t like to call ourselves “Guru’s” but our team has got lots of experience. We are, of course, specialized in the Joomla! CMS but we can also aid you with your WordPress, WooCommerce or PrestaShop problem. Is your technology not on the list? We are looking forward to adding it to our repertoire.

We focus on helping you with the technical side of your project. Additionally, we can offer you help with your content (E.G data entry).

Fixing Your Problems

Our experts can help you identify and fix problems with your site(s). We can help you fix problems with your site, and advice you on how to avoid them in the future. Some of the problems we fixed in the past were hosting related problems, components that gave problems or helping the user understand how his website works.

If your website is hacked, we can help you get it back online, or at the very least point you in the right direction.

Preventing Problems

Let our experts help you prevent problems on your website. We perform audits of both your website and your hosting environment to detect and prevent problems that can lead to your site being hacked.

Our experts can setup back-ups and updates for your website, as well as enable Two-Factor authentication, setup your site for the use of SSL or help you to configure tools such as a WAF or CDN to ensure your site never goes offline.

Keeping your site up-to-date

As a business owner, you have other concerns than keeping your site up to date. You can let our experts do the boring work, like updating the CMS and plugins, or adding content and products to your website – all for a reasonable, fixed fee or pay-as-you-go.

Making sure you’re heard

Our marketing guys (and girls) can help you get your website out there. We can help you advertise, leveraging Google Analytics and Facebook Ads so that you reach as many people as possible. We can also help you establish a presence on Social Media, so your website is represented everywhere your future and current clients hang out.

Interested in working with the experts behind Joomla & More? Contact us today, and we’ll see how we can help each other.

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Testing The Video Feature

Hey readers,

I know I just(*) said that I’m not going to make any big plans for Joomla & More, but here we are again. After a blog upgrade, it’s now possible to upload videos to this blog directly. No uploads to  accounts I won’t maintain! No need to figure out what to embed. Being lazy is great!

But seriously, we’ve now got the option to share videos in an easy way and we’re planning to use it. Paired with a ridiculously easy to use recording tool, which is free as in “it doesn’t cost anything” (Also known as Quick Time) we’re planning to share videos here and there if they illustrate the point we’re planning to make.

I don’t know. Maybe we’ll have Youtube videos in a distant future. But for now, we can share videos easily, like this…

A New Joomla & More Year

Some people follow the Gregorian calender. Others swear by starting a new year somewhere in February (Hello, China!). Joomla & More likes to start a new year when a new billing cycle starts. And we just renewed our domain name, so here we are.

In other years, this would be the time where we made bold statements about what we want to achieve in the following year. Introspective about the posts written and an analysis of the highlights of the past year.

We won’t be doing any of that this year. We’re going to start the next year with a clean state. No expectations. No fixed ideas of what we have to do or want to do. Or what Joomla & More is. This blog once started as a personal tech blog, then became a Joomla oriented blog and then slipped into an archive for old posts about Joomla for people that somehow, for some reason are still using Joomla 1.5 and run into problems the rest of us solved years ago.

Anyway, with the bills being paid for another year we are going to freestyle it a bit this year. No schedules for blog posts, no obsession over stats, no longer trying to be a blog about just Joomla. We are going to write about what is fun, interesting and what catches our attention. If a Joomla topic is too boring and WordPress launches a hot new release, we’ll be covering that instead. If someone asks me to review a video game, who am I to say no to that?

Basically, what I’m saying is that Joomla & More will be up for anything in 2016. We hope that we are setting off to an exciting blogging adventure the next year, with lots of interesting blog posts to entertain you, countless learning moments and opportunities to share something we thought that would be of interest of you.

Here’s to the next Joomla & More year. We hope to see you soon!

Comments on old(er) posts now closed.

When I open my mailbox, and see that someone commented on one of the articles on this blog, I’m always honored that someone took the time to comment. Lately, however, my inbox is stuffed by spammers who are trying very hard to promote the latest unbelievable deals on Nike shoes – which for some reason aren’t picked up by Askimet.

I noticed that most of them spam older blog posts, and since people rarely comment on older blog posts, I’ve decided to close the comments on all older articles.

Going forward, the comments on each post will be closed after 21 days. You can still send us a message on Twitter (or make a Subreddit for us, if you’re into that – we’d totally subscribe) or contact us by other means. This will happen automatically.

Given the circumstances, it’s the smart thing to do. Be reassured that I still believe in helping people, open discussions and sparking debates – you’ll just have to be a bit faster to do either now.

Minor changes to Joomla & More

After analyzing the website, we’ve decided to make two changes to the website, which are effective immediately.

  • Personal Contact information has been removed from the “About Me” Page: I’ve removed my personal Skype and e-mail address from the website.  I no longer have the time or interest to help people with support questions. We already provide plenty of DIY tutorials; if you have got a question related to one of them simply comment on it.
  • The Support Us page has been removed: Statistics don’t lie; the “Support us” page served no purpose so there was no point in letting it eat space in the menu.