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News Items and articles from sites in the JAM Network, such as Joomlareporter and ToralkoDocs

Minor changes to Joomla & More

After analyzing the website, we’ve decided to make two changes to the website, which are effective immediately. Personal Contact information has been removed from the “About Me” Page: I’ve removed my personal Skype and e-mail address from the website.  I no longer have the time or interest to […]

Got something you want us to write about?

Here at Joomla & More we try to keep things fresh, by blogging about interesting problems we encounter regularly. It happens, however, that there’s no problems for us to solve. Then what? We could try redesigning the blog again… Or we could create a Joomla! blog of Joomla […]

Can I see the menu, please?

Now that Spring has finally arrived in the land of chocolate, beer, and waffles,  it is time for a  “spring clean-up” here at Joomla & More. But instead of throwing things away or sweeping them under a rug (tsk, tsk) we’ve added things you’ll (hopefully) enjoy. While our […]

A sneak peak to our Joomla! Guide

Some time ago, I announced a new project, “ToralkoDocs”. The cornerstone of ToralkoDocs will be the Joomla! Guide I’m writing, which will be available to all subscribers. For the moment, you can sign up for the Founders Club. It gets you 545 days of access to the site […]