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Coming soon: Videos.

Here at Joomla & More we believe that we’ve done a good job at helping you solve your (Joomla!) problems, with our written tutorials. But somewhere this year, we’re going to try and take this site to the next level. To do that we’ll be recording screencasts to accompany our […]

OpenTranslators and the Love Triangle

If you clicked the link to this post because you wanted to make some kinky love connection – sorry.  What I can offer you, is the opportunity to start collaborating, and engage in the Joomla! Community.   Oh, and the triangle thing?  Those are real. OpenTranslators – what […]


It’s time for a new update, since the last one was ages ago.  What’s there to report?  Well, there’s some good news and even better news.  The domain name has been secured for another 5 years, and our hosting will remain free for quite a while.  This gives […]

A new project: Joomla book

I’ve always been a “writer”.  Not in the strict money-making sense of the word, obviously.  But I do like to write alot.  That’s why I picked up on blogging again.  And, if I look at my visitor stats for the past two months, it seems like I’ve found […]