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Hands-on Website Support By Experts

You have read the articles and seen the Youtube videos, but you still can’t solve the problem. You are looking to upgrade your website to the latest version, but you don’t know how to start. Maybe you are looking for help with a migration.

From now on, you don’t have to look much further

Support by (Joomla) Experts

We’re offering hands-on support with your existing website or new project. Our experts will give you advice or do the hard work for you, for a reasonable price.

We don’t like to call ourselves “Guru’s” but our team has got lots of experience. We are, of course, specialized in the Joomla! CMS but we can also aid you with your WordPress, WooCommerce or PrestaShop problem. Is your technology not on the list? We are looking forward to adding it to our repertoire.

We focus on helping you with the technical side of your project. Additionally, we can offer you help with your content (E.G data entry).

Fixing Your Problems

Our experts can help you identify and fix problems with your site(s). We can help you fix problems with your site, and advice you on how to avoid them in the future. Some of the problems we fixed in the past were hosting related problems, components that gave problems or helping the user understand how his website works.

If your website is hacked, we can help you get it back online, or at the very least point you in the right direction.

Preventing Problems

Let our experts help you prevent problems on your website. We perform audits of both your website and your hosting environment to detect and prevent problems that can lead to your site being hacked.

Our experts can setup back-ups and updates for your website, as well as enable Two-Factor authentication, setup your site for the use of SSL or help you to configure tools such as a WAF or CDN to ensure your site never goes offline.

Keeping your site up-to-date

As a business owner, you have other concerns than keeping your site up to date. You can let our experts do the boring work, like updating the CMS and plugins, or adding content and products to your website – all for a reasonable, fixed fee or pay-as-you-go.

Making sure you’re heard

Our marketing guys (and girls) can help you get your website out there. We can help you advertise, leveraging Google Analytics and Facebook Ads so that you reach as many people as possible. We can also help you establish a presence on Social Media, so your website is represented everywhere your future and current clients hang out.

Interested in working with the experts behind Joomla & More? Contact us today, and we’ll see how we can help each other.

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We’ve launched a Youtube Channel.

Hey everyone,

Here at Joomla & More we are trying to bring you interesting, fun articles or educational articles in the written form.  We love writing, and we believe that writing as a media channel has staying power.

However, it hasn’t escaped our attention that more and more content is moving to Youtube (or another video provider of your choice). We aren’t planning to stop writing any time soon, but realize that there is some content that’s better off in the shape of a video.

Tutorials, for example, are easier to follow in a Youtube video than they are in a n article. Showing off a gadget is also more practical if you can show how it actually works. And of course, if you’re talking about software and you can show users how it works instead of talking about it, of course that’s going to present an added value.

That’s why we are dipping our toes in the creation of videos. We’ve still got a lot to learn. For example, Steven still refuses to listen to any audio that features his voice. Which is ‘All of the audio made, ever). Editing video is a bit more time consuming than editing your text (kidding, we don’t edit our posts), and there’s so many things we could or should learn.

But, you’ve got to start somewhere. That’s why you can find a link to our Youtube Channel under “Social”, and “Videos” links you directly to our Youtube Channel.

We hope you’ll be seeing use there.

A Small Update On Content

Hey everyone,

You might’ve noticed it (or not) that we’ve been struggling to post regularly in the past two months. The reason of this is two-fold, and while I want to put the blame on 2016 for being an unpleasant year that would only be partially true.

  • I’ve been dealing with some personal issues. Which, since they’re personal, are none of your concern so I never told you about that. Simple as that. I am looking forward to rediscovering a state of mind where blogging is something I can focus on.
  • My “Joomla” hiatus mught be even bigger than my “blogging hiatus” simply because I’ve been using other tools to get the job done lately. The company I work for has chosen to use Joomla most of the times in the past, but at the time I am in the middle of building a bunch of kick-ass websites using WordPress and WooCommerce. And, while people like to give WordPress shit for being a spaghetti code horror, there are far less problems to solve with WordPress, so there’s less to write about. Or I’ve just been having beginners luck.

That being said, I am going to repeat myself when I say that I will be trying to post more. That probably means talking about the technology that I am using, which means you’ll see more WordPress / WooCommerce posts. It is what it is. I didn’t choose the name for this blog either! (*)

(*) I did choose the name of this blog, but my crystal ball wasn’t functioning at that time, so this is awkward.

End of Teachers Exchange support

Due to “organizational changes” to Reddit’s Teacher Exchange, Joomla & More will no longer be participating in this even this year – or in the near future.

The new direction chosen by the organizers means that teachers will be competing in what can best be described as a “Battle Royal” for funds of people donating money. We have little interest to weed through countless “projects” to find something that matches our interests (and, more important our budget) that isn’t a “LEGO wall”, a trip to Spain for $75,000 or a hand full of iPads ‘to spice up the class room’.

Additionally, the response from the JAM community (That’s you guys) has never been of a nature to justify slapping the sites’ name on the donation(s).

Our heart goes out to all the struggling teachers that were hoping to participate in what used to be a way to buy them some much needed supplies. However, we feel that it’s important to stick to what we believe in, and coughing up $30 for “labor costs” which could easily be used for two mega boxes of pencils or various smaller items, is not something we’re interested in. If we were swimming in money, we wouldn’t be blogging about Joomla on a WordPress platform. Obviously.

Best of luck to all of you for the next school year. Maybe we can be of help in the future.

Testing The Video Feature

Hey readers,

I know I just(*) said that I’m not going to make any big plans for Joomla & More, but here we are again. After a blog upgrade, it’s now possible to upload videos to this blog directly. No uploads to  accounts I won’t maintain! No need to figure out what to embed. Being lazy is great!

But seriously, we’ve now got the option to share videos in an easy way and we’re planning to use it. Paired with a ridiculously easy to use recording tool, which is free as in “it doesn’t cost anything” (Also known as Quick Time) we’re planning to share videos here and there if they illustrate the point we’re planning to make.

I don’t know. Maybe we’ll have Youtube videos in a distant future. But for now, we can share videos easily, like this…