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State of Joomla, 2014

Each year, when the time comes to renew the domain name for this blog, I pay a bit more attention to Joomla’s state of well-being. And in 2014, I can’t help but think that things haven’t changed for the better. Just look at the current twitter arguments, for […]

The LGPL debate: Confusing or Not?

A debate is going on in the Joomla Community, whether the license of the Framework should be changed to LGPL or not. We, at Joomla & More, were wondering how many people are following the discussion and how many people don’t have a clue about what’s going on. […]

One Joomla!, one community?

One of the things that ticks me off about the communities around products – like Joomla!  – is that… there’s often too many of them.  Anyone with the ‘next hot idea’ could start a new (Joomla) community; should he feel the need to.  He might even convince some […]