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Ever tried volunteering? I did…

*DISCLAIMER:  the post below is my personal experience.  I still believe that Joomla!  is an awesome product, and will continue to promote it / blog about it You’ll understand that I’m not talking about any kind of “volunteering”.  After all, this is a Joomla!  blog.  No, I’m talking […]

A Joomla! poem

When I start my computer, that can take a while.  So this morning, I started to write a Joomla! poem. Not the greatest poem ever written, far from.  But I decided to post it anyway, to break the chain of “problem solving” a bit.  Please, when you laugh […]

Why Artorbit isn’t right for you

When building a Joomla! website, many people add an image rotator on their page; displaying some nice images that are related to their website.  While you don’t have to overdo it, it’s always a “fresh” touch that breaks the static feel most websites have. It’s hard to say […]