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Automattic brings free themes to Jetpack, WordPress Premium

Automattic, the company behind, WooCommerce, Jetpack and others has been betting hard on services lately. To add more value to users of their existing services, they’re now bringing a big seelction of themes to them, for free.

Jetpack brings a little more .com to your blog

Automattics’ plugin WordPress tries to bring features to your blog. Options like social sharing, simple forms, sitemaps and others are a few clicks away if you install Jetpack and connect your website to And now, Jetpack users get another “” perk: access to the themes. Users of Jetpack can now install templates that were previously made available to users, which comes down to 150+ free themes that can be installed within a few clicks. There’s some pretty interesting templates in there. They might not all be “commercially” interesting for business sites but a lot of them definitely have their uses.

WordPress Premium now includes… Premium Themes

WordPress Premium is a service that adds new features to your blog, like a custom domain name, more storage, more design options and VideoPress. As of this month, a new option has been added.

Premium users now have access to all “Premium Themes.” These are themes that you could unlock by purchasing them (for an average price of €80). Now, you can use these themes for free when you’re a WordPress Premium user. Which is is a great deal, considering a Premium plan costs you €99 a year. You do the math.


You can now publish from Adobe Lightroom to using an official plug-in

Photographers using both Adobe Lightroom to edit their pictures, and to publish their work (like yours truly) can now save a lot of time. has just launched a plugin for Adobe Lightroom which allows you to upload photo’s to the site of your choice, from within Adobe Lightroom.

To achieve this, you can install their brand new plugin 

Using the plugin, you can select the image(s) you want to add from within Lightroom, and publish them to their blog directly.

If you want to use the plugin to upload to your self-hosted WordPress sites, you can. If you’ve got Jetpack installed and can manage your site from within you can easily connect Lightroom to your self-hosted site as well.

We’re looking forward to using this tool (as soon as I figure out how Adobe Lightroom works).