Category: Just Tech Things

A daily diary about the funny, sad, depressing or frustrating tech related events happening to us every day. With this section we’re going back to the early days of Joomla & More where it was still a personal blog which happened to talk about technology.

My iPhone “Coding” Setup

Us IT guys, we all have our preferred setups. Software, tools, operating systems, keyboards, prefered browsers… We could fight unholy wars about them. I consider myself to be a pretty flexible guy, myself. I don’t really worry about IDE’s, mostly because I can’t remember what IDE stands for […]

The hills are alive with the sound of EDM

In our new section “Just Tech Things” we’ll be sharing the funny, sad, depressing, frustrating or just interesting “Tech Things” that happen in our daily lives. With this new section, we’re going back to our roots when Joomla & More was a personal venting place which happened to […]