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How not to run a webstore

The original draft contained the links to the shop in question but I decided not to deliver like the webshop in question. Sometimes, people take things for granted after positive experiences with something. Online shopping is a prime example. Buying online is a thing now. Everyone has pretty […]

Got my hands on a FIDO U2F key

A while ago, we blogged about how you can setup 2-factor authentication in your Google account, and how you can use a Yubikey Neo to link to your account. The Yubikey Neo supports the U2F 2-factor authentication protocol Google supportrs, but there is another way to enable U2F […]

Dell’s amazing maze of links

I just had the pleasure to navigate through the maze that Dell has setup for some of it’s downloads. Because, yeah, they do more than build computers nowadays. They’re also the owners of Toad, which is a pretty neat tool to manage MySQL databases (available for Windows and Mac, although […]

How to request a new DHCP address

Ever been in the situation where you needed a new IP address? Maybe after, oh, I don’t know, you forgot to turn on the switch, and started your computer without an internet connection? That’s just me? Wow. Either way, if you want to request a new IP address, […]