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Why we’re not “PhpBB & More”

We’re going to interrupt our undoubtedly very interesting stream of “help” posts with a good, old-fashioned rant. A while ago, we at Joomla-and-more took it upon us to manage, a once popular internet forum that had been abandoned because of financial problems.  All of a sudden, we […]

Why I’m mad at Hostbasket

Note:  Comments have been removed.  After a refreshing weekend, we’ve had some time to think about the ‘problems’ in this post.  A follow up post will soon follow. This week, dealing with Hostbasket has been an unpleasant experience.  For those of you who might not know:  Hostbasket is […]

Like what you read? Share it!

One of the reasons I like is that it allows us to focus on writing posts; while WP provides us with the tools to make this blog better and better. The latest addition are ‘social bookmark‘ buttons.  We’ve seized the opportunity to add them to our blog.  […]

A Milestone for Joomla & More!

A little history lesson about Joomla & More:  About 11 months ago, I “accidentaly” started to blog about Joomla. It’s true!  I had just been confronted with a difficult Joomla problem; that took me what seemed like ages to solve.  I then promised myself that would’nt happen again.  […]