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What’s up! July 27, 2010

Yesterday, I completed a Joomla! project, but no links this time!  The reason is that I’m not particularly proud of this website.  It’s a website that shouldn’t have been built, but which was built anyway.  A customer wanted to present his catalogues using flipbooks, but insisted that: We […]

Back to work, I guess!

My well deserved vacation is over!  90% of it was great, I’ve managed to recharge my batteries while not thinking about work at all.  I guess that not thinking about work / Joomla makes me “less of a blogger”, but I don’t really care!  I’ve done some thinking […]

Joomla & More on holiday!

Germany: pretty awesome.  Things have been awfully quiet over here, haven’t they?  And it’ll remain quiet for the rest of the week! I’m enjoying a well deserved vacation, and unlike some bloggers who think “blogging is a religion or lifestyle that dominates your life 24/7” I don’t feel […]

Building the site: Plustek Project (4)

So, I haven’t posted updates for the “Building the site” series I just started.  The reason is simple, really.  And worth an update, I guess. We’ve now reached the point where we start adding articles (about scanners) to the site.  This isn’t very exciting; as we’ve got to […]

Building the site: Plustek Project(3)

Tuesday was day 3 of the “Plustek” project.  Today I’ve once again been planning, tinkering and testing.  Fortunately, I also got some extra work done! Note:  this ‘log’ will be brief, because I’m annoyed by something that’s not Joomla! related.  Damn you, car shop.  Damn you to hell […]