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Joomla promoting Drupal makes a funny

In between posts about my project, I thought It’d be a waste not to post the gem I just discovered while on the Internet.  I was visiting while I was greeted by an advertisement – that’s already rare as I usually block any and all ads.  The […]

Building the site: Plustek Project (2)

Monday, a new day.  After fixing a variety of problems before lunch, I can finally start working on the projects after a light lunch.  I take a peek at the schedule I made on friday, and spend some time thinking on how to execute them.  I really want […]

New Series: Building the Site.

I thought it would be interesting to start a new “thing” for Joomla!.  Under “Building the Site” I’ll be keeping some sort of logbook for Joomla! projects I work on.  That way, you can get some insight in how a site is created, pick up some extensions that […]

Cancel your webhosting on time!

Image via Wikipedia Dear website owner, I’d like to take a moment to discuss a topic that’s of interest to you, as a website owner.   Your website requires some sort of hosting for it to be published, right? Right.  What kind of website you’re hosting (Joomla, WordPress, something […]