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Coming soon: Flipbooks & More

As I told in a previous post, I had a hard time writing articles because of some personal problems.  But as life goes on, so does this Blog.  No articles are ready as of now – I don’t have the luxury to write dozens of articles in advance […]

Scribefire Test

Since I’m a Windows Live Writer addict, and failed to find a decent (free) alternative for the Mac; I’m currently testing Scribefire.  This is a Firefox Extension that’s basically a blog tool for the popular blog platforms out there, like WordPress.  This post is just a test to […]

(Probably) No updates this week

As much as I hate saying it ( I am, after all, a statwhore), I’ve got to announce that there probably won’t be any updates this week.  These’s quite a few main reasons for this: No time for Joomla:  I haven’t worked with Joomla since the week started.  […]

Joomla is REALLY a world-wide phenomenon

One of the great things about Joomla!, is that it’s so… global.   It is used in tons of countries across the world, and you can find developers in almost every country.  Just a few examples of Joomla’s globalism: Mambo, the product Joomla was based on, was built by […]