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Lack of updates?

There’s been a lack of updates lately, which can easily be explained by the fact that I haven’t seen a Joomla site for a whole week.  The reason for this, is that I’m currently assigned to another “division” of the company I work for. I’ve been asked to […]

Joomla 1.6 first, THEN t-shirts

From time to time, I head to the official Joomla website, to see what’s going on in Joomla world.  In 99% of the cases, I leave the website dissapointed because their ‘news coverage’ is kind of meh.  Who wants to read long, boring blog posts about someone bitching […]

Website make-over: 50NET

It’s time for excuses once again.  I’ve failed to update the blog for a few days now; because there were some issues – both at work and private; some even crossed the borders! – I had to work out / worry about.  So instead of a regular post, […]

The laptop that killed the internet.

I know I promised a review of some Flipbook solutions, but I’ve been otherwise occupied the last few weeks.  Since it’s been a long time that I’ve added a “journal post” – a post where I just whine about all things that go wrong during my job – […]

Coming soon: Flipbooks & More

As I told in a previous post, I had a hard time writing articles because of some personal problems.  But as life goes on, so does this Blog.  No articles are ready as of now – I don’t have the luxury to write dozens of articles in advance […]