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Update on why there are no updates

The last few days, this blog has been lacking in the update department.  The main reason is that I’m currently swamped with work.  I’m working at three projects at once, and as you can imagine that leaves me with little to no time to update this blog.  Should […]

Professional Joomla support?

I’d like to use this post to do some self-promotion.  How’s that for being straight-forward?  Here’s the deal.  I’m working for a company that, for one thing, focuses on building websites built on the Joomla platform.   We’re doing a pretty good job so far (see exhibit A and […]

Last day of the week… and year.

Yes, I’m aware that tomorrow isn’t the last day of the year.  But for me, it’ll be the last week of the “work year” as I’m taking my vacation days.  I know that everyone says it about himself, but I really deserve this break.  I’ve been working for […]