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TIL: Cronjobs and absolute paths

In the TIL series, where I share information everyone else but me already knew, I stumbled on a problem today on a e-Commerce installation. Before you panic and say “Not another rant about Magento!”, relax. The problem was related to a script I’ve programmed, a bash script that […]

The hills are alive with the sound of EDM

In our new section “Just Tech Things” we’ll be sharing the funny, sad, depressing, frustrating or just interesting “Tech Things” that happen in our daily lives. With this new section, we’re going back to our roots when Joomla & More was a personal venting place which happened to […]

Supply drop!

You’ve probably read (and then completely ignored) that Joomla & More was participating in the Reddit Teacher Exchange this year. This is a “gift exchange” where someone can donate supplies to a school they’re matched to. Like last year, we participated. This time we were matched with an […]