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Twitter changes sign-up, all steps skippable

A few moments ago, while creating a new Twitter account, I’ve noticed a difference to the account creation process.  Yes, I’ve created enough accounts to notice the differences in their sign-up process. No, you can’t know about all of them. Anyway, the change they’ve made eliminated my main […]

How not to run a webstore

The original draft contained the links to the shop in question but I decided not to deliver like the webshop in question. Sometimes, people take things for granted after positive experiences with something. Online shopping is a prime example. Buying online is a thing now. Everyone has pretty […]

Got my hands on a FIDO U2F key

A while ago, we blogged about how you can setup 2-factor authentication in your Google account, and how you can use a Yubikey Neo to link to your account. The Yubikey Neo supports the U2F 2-factor authentication protocol Google supportrs, but there is another way to enable U2F […]