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ARC 4.0.3

Review: Akeeba Remote Control for Mac

Any Joomla! user that values his website, will make sure to make regular back-ups of the site in question.  For quite a while now, Akeeba Backup has been the standard when it comes to Joomla! back-up solutions.  On the website, Akeebabackup.com, you can find a complete toolset which […]

Review: Akeeba Backup Core 3.0

In the end, I managed to fix the website, but it was too late.  Working on a customer site for 4 hours, not finding the solution, ruined Sunday for me.  It’s easy to say that I “shouldn’t have made the mistake(s) in the first place”, and you’re probably […]

(Joomla) Review: Lazybackup

Who says blogging can’t be usefull?  Until today, I used to make manual backups of Joomla databases.  It was a time-consuming, boring process.  When I complained about this process, I got a slap on the wrist by one of my readers.  I should’ve done my research better! So […]