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What’s up! July 27, 2010

Yesterday, I completed a Joomla! project, but no links this time!  The reason is that I’m not particularly proud of this website.  It’s a website that shouldn’t have been built, but which was built anyway.  A customer wanted to present his catalogues using flipbooks, but insisted that: We […]

Joomla promoting Drupal

Joomla.org makes a funny

In between posts about my project, I thought It’d be a waste not to post the gem I just discovered while on the Internet.  I was visiting Joomla.org while I was greeted by an advertisement – that’s already rare as I usually block any and all ads.  The […]

CMS: Open Source or Propertiery?

I originally planned to write a long, boring post but since I forgot what I was about to say, here’s a second attempt.  CMS’es, or Contant Management Systems, come in many forms and shapes.  They’re usually associated with their Open Source flagships like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress.  But […]

Bad week, blurry saturday

The past week hasn’t been the best- and that’s an understatement.  The pressure of wanting to finish our project near the end of the week was hard on me and the collegues in the Web Department, and the customer kept on making requests for changes on the go.  […]