Duplicates in Filezilla after Importing Sites – Solution

In our office, we use Filezilla as the FTP client of our choice. We often share our “Site Settings” with each other – since we all manage the same sites – so we don’t have to ask “Can I get an FTP account for X? What’s the password for Y?” It might not be the best way of working, but it works for us. During our latest ‘exchange’, however, my colleague pointed out that there were duplicates in her overview. Deleting all sites and doing a new import of the Site Manager only made things worse. And worse. Fortunately, there’s … Continue reading Duplicates in Filezilla after Importing Sites – Solution

How to “fix” OWA in Internet Explorer 10

If you are using an ancient old version of Exchange and OWA, e.g the versions that shipped with SBS 2003, in combination with Microsofts’ latest and “greatest” browser, Internet Explorer 10, you might get the impression that OWA is broken, like a client of mine reported today. As you can see in the image below, OWA indeed seems to be broken. (Click for full image)   Mysterious texts appear on top, but the real problem is your mails won’t show up. Nor can you click any of the links. But, this isn’t a problem with OWA (an sich). (Neither is … Continue reading How to “fix” OWA in Internet Explorer 10

Configuring the Prestashop Domain Name for your Localhost

Backstory: Today, I was ready to deploy a Prestashop store. But before I put it online, I decided to test something locally. (Something, being: check if our cool AkeebaBackup solution for backing up Prestashop worked). I almost wish I hadn’t, since I’ve lost almost half an hour trying to figure out why Prestashop kept moaning about redirect errors, Redirect loops and other things about redirecting. The domain name turned out to be the problem. Since I’m used to Joomla! I’m familiar with a straight forward approach: you enter the full path, and you’re done. But for Prestashop, you’ve got to … Continue reading Configuring the Prestashop Domain Name for your Localhost

Post to Joomla! using Screensteps

Joomla! is a great CMS, and Screensteps is one of the best tools to write tutorials out there. What if you could combine the both? It would create one of the best ways to publish tutorials online. Maybe you’ve checked Screensteps yourself, and you didn’t see an option to choose Joomla! from the “Export to Web” options. Neither did I. But like with all things Joomla! ‘there is a way’. This tutorial (written in Screensteps and auto-published to WordPress) will explain how to get the job done. Of course I’m going to assume you already have Screensteps installed and a … Continue reading Post to Joomla! using Screensteps

How to remove Articles in a joomla! article

Last week, I was working on a client website when my eye fell on something. Some articles had a heading which said “Articles”. If this happens to you, don’t bother looking for the solution inside Joomla.  There’s still a simple fix for this problem, though. Actually there is more than one way to fix it, I will just explain the solution that worked for me. Using Language Overrides If you do some research, you’ll discover that this “Articles” header only appears for articles which aren’t linked to a menu item. To remove this header, we’re going to use a built-in … Continue reading How to remove Articles in a joomla! article