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Review: Akeeba LoginGuard

We have taken a sneak peek at Akeeba LoginGuard for you, and made it into a video.

Akeeba LoginGuard is a Joomla add-on that will give your website new two-factor authentication tools. The tools lift the security of your website to the next level. Akeeba LoginGuard offers quite a few benefits over the already existing options in Joomla

More authentication options

Where Joomla offers ‘only’ OTP (one-time passwords) and Yubikey out of the box, LoginGuard takes things further. Which is a positive thing. While the options in Joomla are a good start, and Yubikeys are a great little things to use, it’s always good to have other options, especially in corporate settings.

LoginGuard offers the following options:

  • OTP (via an authenticator app)
  • Yubikey
  • Codes via e-mail
  • Codes via SMS (using SMSAPI.com)
  • Push notification (using PushBullet)
  • Fixed code(s)

Configure 2FA for users

Akeeba LoginGuard also allows you to setup 2FA options for your users. We discuss the upside of this feature and other features in our video review.



Configure U2F in Joomla and WordPress [VIDEOS]

User accounts. Without them, the back-end of your WordPress or Joomla site would be a barren wasteland. And, well, there would be no point in having a back-end.

However, with user accounts comes great responsibility not to get them hacked, as anyone with enough credentials can turn your website in a pile of spam for enhancement pills, Eastern offers and other unpleasantries.

Two-factor authentication is all the rage right now. I wouldn’t say it’s mainstream, per sé as many users still think that their “kittykat01” password will protect them from evil. But it’s now available on pretty much every big site. It comes in a lot of forms and shapes. Mostly in the form of OTP (and Android Authenticator.)

U2F is one of those “universal” two-factor solutions. It’s backed (and implemented) by Google, Github and quite a few others. It’s also pretty easy to use. And, as of now, you can setup U2F in both Joomla and WordPress.

Now, I know we usually spell things out for you. However, we decided to switch things up a bit. We made two videos in cooperation with Ciptor Benelux, a small but fierce startup with a focus on authentication that’s hoping to take the Benelux (and then the world?!) by storm.

The videos should give you a good idea on how to setup U2F. The WordPress video is about five minutes long. The Joomla video is a bit longer, because we dove into Akeeba LoginGuard as well. It’s part “How to”, part “This component is pretty cool.

How to setup U2F in WordPress

How to setup U2F in Joomla (Using Akeeba LoginGuard)