Supply drop!

You’ve probably read (and then completely ignored) that Joomla & More was participating in the Reddit Teacher Exchange this year. This is a “gift exchange” where someone can donate supplies to a school they’re matched to. Like last year, we participated. This time we were matched with an elementary school in Pennsylvania. We bought a bunch of supplies (pencils, markets, scissors and the likes) which have arrived at their class yesterday. The kids have already unpacked and organized the items, so our good deed for the year is done. Hey kids, make good use of those items! This is the … Continue reading Supply drop!

One charger to rule them all (and replace that $40 Apple charger)

I’ve been travelling the past two weeks. And, as you’d expect of a geek like me I had some devices that I needed to charge. My iPad (because who reads paper books?), my smart phone and my iPod. Of course that means you’ve got to pack your charge with you. In Apple’s ideal world, that means you grab their overpriced charger and take it with you, risking to ruin a $40 piece of plastic on a camping trip. But I came prepared, because I had bought an universal charger some time ago. I don’t really remember what I paid for … Continue reading One charger to rule them all (and replace that $40 Apple charger)

Pike in attempt to abuse old Joomla exploits

Is your mailbox currently blowing up with Admintools notifications? Then you’re not alone. We’re noticing a definite spike in attempts to abuse Joomla exploits. The exploits the “attackers” are using are for older versions of Joomla. Using Admintools or a similar tool will help you to block these malicious attempts to screw with your site. But instead of patching those holes, it’s better to make sure that the holes aren’t there. How? Make sure that you’re running the latest version of Joomla. We know it’s not always within your means to update that 2.5 or 1.5 website. Clients aren’t willing … Continue reading Pike in attempt to abuse old Joomla exploits

Thanks, Here Maps!

I’m not the type of person to thank apps often. In fact, I dont’ think I’ve ever given an app a real compliment, other than a “huh, that’s cool I guess”. Two days ago, however, I was lost in the middle of Germany. Or Luxembourg. Depending on what side of the river we were on. It’s sort of a blur. We were following a hiking trail when all signs suddenly decided to dissapear on us, leaving us with only two options: Hiking all the way back, or trying to find the way to our car by ourselves. Since we didn’t … Continue reading Thanks, Here Maps!

Update on policies; Ending the JAM Teacher Exchange campaign

We’d like to let everyone know that we’re ending the JAM Teacher Exchange early. There was little to no interest in supporting the campaign, and should anyone be interested at this point we’re too close near the end of the deadline to start negotiating about / writing content for possible sponsorships. We had high / realistic / careful hope of collecting some money for a good cause, but the only offers we got came from people who think Joomla & More is interested in becoming a free advertising platform for companies it’s got no connection with. If you’re planning to contact … Continue reading Update on policies; Ending the JAM Teacher Exchange campaign