Checking on your disk usage in Windows 10 (and beyond)

In this day and age, running out of disk space should be hard. I mean, if you haven’t got at least an 1TB hard disk in your computer, isn’t it about time to consider an upgrade?

However, we can still be surprised by running out of place. How can you figure out where all that storage capacity went off to?

In today’s video we teach you two ways to check your disk usage. The first option uses a new option that shipped with Windows 10. It’ll allow you to get a rough idea of what’s eating up your disk space.

For a more detailed look into your hard drive, you we highly recommend using WinDirStat. It offers more details on both the folder level and the file level and helps you identify who’s claiming all that space. It’s usable in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and, if you’re really be hind the times, probably works on Windows Vista and Windows XP.

You can see both of the options explained in our latest video.

Opening Shared Mailboxes in Outlook 2016 for Mac

If you are using Office365 for Mac you might be wondering how to add shared mailboxes that have been assigned to you. In Outlook 2016 for *Windows* they seem to appear automagically, but that isn’t the case on the Mac. Fortunately, the steps to open those shared inboxes are really simple. So simple, in fact, that the companion video we tried to make was only a minute long. If we spoke slowly.

Without further delay, here’s how you can open those shared inboxes so you can start receiving, sorting and sending e-mail.

Continue reading Opening Shared Mailboxes in Outlook 2016 for Mac

You can now publish from Adobe Lightroom to using an official plug-in

Photographers using both Adobe Lightroom to edit their pictures, and to publish their work (like yours truly) can now save a lot of time. has just launched a plugin for Adobe Lightroom which allows you to upload photo’s to the site of your choice, from within Adobe Lightroom.

To achieve this, you can install their brand new plugin 

Using the plugin, you can select the image(s) you want to add from within Lightroom, and publish them to their blog directly.

If you want to use the plugin to upload to your self-hosted WordPress sites, you can. If you’ve got Jetpack installed and can manage your site from within you can easily connect Lightroom to your self-hosted site as well.

We’re looking forward to using this tool (as soon as I figure out how Adobe Lightroom works).

[Q&A] Are we dissappointed in Joomla?

Here at Joomla and More we have never tried to hide the fact that we aren’t always happy with all things Joomla. That lead to one Twitter user asking what, exactly irritates us and “where we moved on to” (which we alluded to in a tweet.

We decided to answer the question in a video, instead of writing a long form blog post. You can see the video at the bottom of this post.

In the video we discuss:

  • What we believe Joomla’s strengths are
  • Which things irritate(d) us.
  • What has been keeping us busy when we weren’t working on Joomla things.

The video is roughly 20 minutes long.

Did Likes Kill Conversations?

Yesterday, I couldn’t help thinking about a trend that I have noticed lately. You see, I started a brand new blog (which you can find here) about my photography. In a few days, I saw quite a few links incoming. More than I get on this blog on average (although the sharp decline in quality posts is probably to blame for that) but not a single comment. Continue reading Did Likes Kill Conversations?

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