WordPress.com goes all-in on HTTPS

Nearly two months ago, WordPress.com completed the rollout of HTTPS all across the blogs hosted by them. They used to limit themselves to only WordPress.com domains, but after the rollout all websites, including those using custom domains use HTTPS. With a valid SSL certificate, issued by WordPress.com, communication with the blogs they host and your browser is now encrypted for every WordPress.com blog you visit. That means that Joomla-and-more.com is now using HTTPS as well. Look at the green lock in the top left corner. Isn’t it glorious? Okay, maybe it’s not that impressive.   This rollout by WordPress hits … Continue reading WordPress.com goes all-in on HTTPS

Managing Exchange without an Office365 License

Just because you’ve got full admin privileges on an Office365 installation, doesn’t always mean that you have – or need – an Office365 license. The company I work for manages the Office365 installations for it’s clients. To do so, we use an Admin account without a license as this would only add costs. However, that poses a problem since this means that the Admin can’t access the Exchange portal directly. One easy way to access it is either by visiting https://outlook.office.com or by clicking the “Outlook” app wherever you’re located. But without a license, this will generate an error. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Managing Exchange without an Office365 License

Moving all folders and e-mail between Outlook (and Office365) acocuntsut

If you’re even in the situation where you need to migrate your mail(s) and folders between two Outlook accounts that are both linked to Office365, here’s a quick rundown of how you get things done. Be warned, you will delete one account which is not for the faint of heart. Actually, there’s little risk as your mails will still be stored in Office365. So, follow the instructions below to make it happen. Make sure the new account is configured in Outlook. Export all data in the old account to a PST file (there are plenty of tutorials available on how … Continue reading Moving all folders and e-mail between Outlook (and Office365) acocuntsut

Configuring htaccess maker on Siteground

If you are using Admintools in your Joomla installation (Good boy) you might run into a 500 error when generating an htaccess file. The culprit is the second to last option in the list, as is the case on the Managed Servers on Hetzner. Because history repeats itself, but we don’t (for SEO reasons) we are shamelessly referring to the article related to Hetzner. So, if you freshly generated an htaccess file on your Joomla 3.5 installation on Siteground and everything is kaput, do the following: FTP to your site and delete the .htaccess file. Go back to Admintools (Components … Continue reading Configuring htaccess maker on Siteground

Joomla’s User Activation by Admins and System Messages

For today’s quick tip or reminder, we are looking at Joomla’s Users component. Specifically, the user activation. Joomla allows you to choose between automatic activation, an activation on the user end or activation that requires administrator approval. While the first two options are easy if you don’t want to get involved, this could lead to frustrations as you’re overrun by spammers who hammer your site(s) and access “restricted” areas for your site. E.G a user that can activate itself could easily start to spam the living bejeezus out of your forums or comment compoonents (if you have those installed). That’s … Continue reading Joomla’s User Activation by Admins and System Messages