Keep Your Eyes Open For K2 User Spam (On Older Versions)

In this day and age, if there is a way for the spammer and other abusers of this world to take use of your site, they will. One “attack vector” which I never even considered until I was confronted with it just minutes ago, were K2 users. They create the perfect platform for K2 User Spam if you are not paying attention. K2 User Spam being “using K2 users to post spam on your website”. Now that that’s on the way, let’s take a look at how it works and how you can prevent it. How it works Unlike Joomla, … Continue reading Keep Your Eyes Open For K2 User Spam (On Older Versions)

A Small Update On Content

Hey everyone, You might’ve noticed it (or not) that we’ve been struggling to post regularly in the past two months. The reason of this is two-fold, and while I want to put the blame on 2016 for being an unpleasant year that would only be partially true. I’ve been dealing with some personal issues. Which, since they’re personal, are none of your concern so I never told you about that. Simple as that. I am looking forward to rediscovering a state of mind where blogging is something I can focus on. My “Joomla” hiatus mught be even bigger than my … Continue reading A Small Update On Content

End of Teachers Exchange support

Due to “organizational changes” to Reddit’s Teacher Exchange, Joomla & More will no longer be participating in this even this year – or in the near future. The new direction chosen by the organizers means that teachers will be competing in what can best be described as a “Battle Royal” for funds of people donating money. We have little interest to weed through countless “projects” to find something that matches our interests (and, more important our budget) that isn’t a “LEGO wall”, a trip to Spain for $75,000 or a hand full of iPads ‘to spice up the class room’. … Continue reading End of Teachers Exchange support goes all-in on HTTPS

Nearly two months ago, completed the rollout of HTTPS all across the blogs hosted by them. They used to limit themselves to only domains, but after the rollout all websites, including those using custom domains use HTTPS. With a valid SSL certificate, issued by, communication with the blogs they host and your browser is now encrypted for every blog you visit. That means that is now using HTTPS as well. Look at the green lock in the top left corner. Isn’t it glorious? Okay, maybe it’s not that impressive.   This rollout by WordPress hits … Continue reading goes all-in on HTTPS