The Controversy of eSports: Video Games for Kids or Real Sporting Disciplines?

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The advent of new technology in our society has fundamentally changed how we view various aspects of our existence, and it goes without saying that modernization and technology have also fundamentally altered how sports are played. New sports and disciplines have started to emerge and have grown so popular that they are almost as popular as traditional sports these days. The introduction of these “esports” to the market has not, however, been welcomed by everyone, with many fans of traditional sports believing that these are merely computer games and not legitimate sports. Let’s figure out whether they are really just video games or true sports and see what they have to offer for players, fans and bettors. 

What Are eSports?

What Are eSports?

In simple terms, eSports, or “cybersports,” are competitive computer games played in teams or individually. But the reason they are called “sports” is that they resemble traditional sports a lot: leagues, teams, and players are common elements of many eSports games. Like more traditional sports, these highly mediated games have enormous global fan bases and are renowned for uniting sizable crowds of people. In addition, they work in a massive industry that is expanding rapidly; this sector has taken over the sports market and is attracting an increasing number of people annually, in addition to multiple sponsorships and collaborations.

Cybersports hold their own championships and tournaments, just as traditional sports do with football or basketball. eSports events typically take the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions; most of the time they are held between professional players, either individually or as teams, which can be watched live online. eSports competitions are known for being very exciting and dynamic and for bringing together fans from all over the globe.

While there are many different kinds of eSports on the market, such as real-time strategy, fighting games, and first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA) continue to be the most well-liked genre. Let us offer you a list of some of the most popular and well liked cybersports currently available on the market.

  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Valorant
  • CS:GO
  • Fortnite

Benefits of Esports to the Industry

Despite the widespread misconception that eSports are just computer games that are “unprofessional” and unneeded in the market, they actually play a significant role in the sports industry and offer numerous advantages.  Let us examine the various ways that cybersports have improved the sports industry and the benefits they offer consumers.

Huge Digital Business

There are currently over 234 million eSports players worldwide, according to statistics; this is a massive industry that is constantly expanding and changing, attracting new participants and connections and bringing in more money and advantages to the sports sector.

Actually, the emergence of cybersports has contributed significantly to the growth of employment in a wide range of fields, including management, event planning, coaching, broadcasting, marketing, and more. Only with traditional sports available on the market would it be impossible for new teams and events to emerge, as well as such a massive number of jobs emerging on the market. The sports industry has benefited from new tools being developed in this sector as well. For instance, many professional sports teams now use advanced analytics and data visualization tools that were initially created for cybersports.

Economics-wise, it is clear that this sector has brought in huge sums of money for the industry; by 2024, the global esports market is expected to be valued at $1.6 billion. Numerous studies have also revealed that esports competitions can have a significant economic impact on the host city, up to $100 million.


With eSports as the focal point of attention, enormous fan bases and communities are formed, drawing in a large number of individuals from all over the world. eSports topics and forums abound on blogs, social media, and online forums; most of them are obviously highly themed and vary depending on the game, but they allow a lot of people to connect and discuss their favorite teams, players, and games in general. Unlike traditional sports, eSports are entirely conducted online, which facilitates fan interaction. Numerous blogs have been started, and platforms like Twitch and Youtube are concentrating on this area of the market by adding a ton of channels pertaining to cybersports. Through these channels, fans can connect with one another, form small groups, and have brief conversations. 

Speaking for themselves, eSports competitors have the amazing opportunity to play with players worldwide and make connections with like-minded individuals. Even if they have no idea who they are playing with, they still have the opportunity to learn how to work well with others, make plans, and communicate with teammates. These are fantastic abilities that will help you become a better team player both at work and in daily life.

Betting Alternatives

When it comes to betting, there is no denying that the emergence of eSports has given fans of sports betting a plethora of options. Betting on basketball or football all the time can get very monotonous and unpleasant, and as new sports have emerged, bettors have a lot of new options to choose from. Along with taking advantage of fresh promo codes and bonuses that are exclusively available to eSports wagerers, bettors may also profit from new betting opportunities like betting markets and bet types that are exclusive to cybersports.

Since these communities tend to merge into one large eSports fan base, the majority of eSports fans are also bettors. The sports betting community participates in the eSports community and frequently exchanges ideas on these kinds of topics. It goes without saying that if you enjoy eSports, you will wager on Dota 2 or CS:GO over football. 

Popular eSports

Popular eSports

You are probably curious to find out more in-depth information about eSports now that you have a clear understanding of what they are. We have taken the decision to provide you with a brief overview of the most well-liked cybersports available right now so you can get to know them and, if you are interested, perhaps even select one to play or wager on. And if you are already interested in placing a bet, you should also check how to load bet code on 1xBet by clicking on the link. This function will narrow down the entire process to a maximum of a minute.

1# Dota 2 

For background, “Valve,” an American video game development company with headquarters in Washington, is the developer of the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game Dota 2. Since its 2013 release, the game has undergone significant development; currently, 399,021 people are playing it both online and in-game.

Two teams of five players compete against one another in this eSport, which is basically a fantasy game in which players must destroy each other’s bases while occupying opposite ends of the map. Throughout the game, players take control of made-up characters who have a variety of skills and the potential to grow more powerful. As said on the official website of the game, “Dota 2’s hero pool is massive and limitlessly diverse.”

Because of the complexity of the game, players usually either adore Dota 2 or hate it a great deal. It is definitely not suitable for everybody but it still enjoys great popularity. Its rewarding gameplay, high production value, and, of course, the ability for players to engage with each other are the main factors driving the game’s success. Dota 2 is known to be very thrilling, especially in terms of communication between players.

2# Valorant

Valorant is also a team-based game; however, unlike Dota 2, it is a first-person tactical hero shooter that is set in the near future. The game’s concept is intriguing; players essentially take on the role of one of a group of agents, which are fictional people based on various nationalities and cultures from across the globe. Five players make up each team, which is divided into attacking and defensive pairings.

Regarding the game’s history, Valorant was first revealed in October 2019 under the codename “Project A” before being developed and released by Riot Games. Although the game’s development began in 2014, it was released on June 2, 2020. The game took a lot of inspiration from Counter-Strike, as evidenced by the many mechanics that are lifted from the game.

There are 25 rounds in the game’s matches, and each round lasts 100 seconds. You also have thirty seconds at the start of each round to purchase weapons and equipment. The overall winner of the match is the first team to win 13 rounds. You will not be able to respawn until the following round if you die in the current one. 

3# CS:GO

CS:GO, or “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” is a multiplayer first-person shooter from 2012 that is comparable to Valorant. After more than two years of development by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, the game was released in August 2012 for OS X, PlayStation 3, Windows, and Xbox 360, and in 2014 for Linux. 

The idea behind the game is fairly straightforward: two teams—terrorists and counterterrorists—play against one another in various objective-based game modes. The two most played game modes play out as follows: terrorists plant a bomb while counter terrorists attempt to stop them, or counter terrorists attempt to rescue hostages that the terrorists have taken. There are nine distinct game modes in all, and every one of them has special characteristics.

The ability for players to earn money throughout the game to spend on gear and weapons is one feature that gives the game an additional element of strategy. Because it is simple to understand, fun to play, and more than just a first-person shooter, Counter-Strike has amassed a sizable fan base.



In conclusion, eSports are unquestionably more than just computer games—rather, they represent a completely new world for the sports industry. In addition to providing players and fans with an entirely new experience, these video games clearly have an impact on the sports market and industry.

Besides being extremely profitable for marketers and generating a great deal of new employment, eSports have done a fantastic job of bringing together a large number of individuals and communities from around the world. 

Furthermore, the emergence of eSports has improved and piqued bettors’ interest in sports betting as new alternative sports and betting opportunities have emerged.

We firmly think that there will come a day when supporters of traditional sports will cease demonizing eSports and acknowledge that they only provide benefits to the sector. We advise you to explore some of the most well-liked eSports in the interim so you can witness for yourself how exciting they are to watch, compete in, or wager on. 

Please feel free to review the FAQ below if you have any questions. 


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